| Prosthodontics/ Implant Treatments
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Prosthodontics/ Implant Treatments

MD Smile has a large number of cosmetic dentistry (Prosthodontics) services available to our patients.

Guided Implant Surgery

A common procedure in cosmetic dentistry is Guided Implant Surgery. If a new tooth is to be implanted in the patient’s gum, the dentist first uses a cone beam scan of the area then develops a model tooth using the computerized model.

Once the patient has had an oral and medical exam to confirm their candidacy for the guided implants, a removable appliance or bridge is made. This tooth restoration may be exactly what is needed.

Consult our dentists at MD Smile to see if you are a candidate.

Smiling woman holding dental implant model
dentist holding implant mold

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Dentures are a common and accepted way to both improve smiles and health. They are much better, due to improved dental technology, and many people are glad they went to dentures to improve their lives.

MD Smile has an experienced staff that can help you get fitted for dentures. You can tell us your expectations and we will do our best to fit you with comfortable and aesthetic dentures. The days of being embarrassed or uncomfortable with them are long gone.

Call our office and set up a consultation. We would be glad to talk with you about it and give you the options.

Dental Implants

Many people suffer from missing teeth, failing teeth, loose teeth and other major chronic dental issues. These dental problems can be painful and embarrassing.

In many cases, dental implants can be a positive and permanent solution. Dental Implants are a popular and effective solution for these issues. They are artificial tooth roots that provide a permanent base for the implant or replacement tooth.

There is a reason dental implants are so popular: they feel like your actually teeth. Perhaps even better than the originals!

We use a medical-grade titanium at MD Smile that fuses the actual living bone cells in the jaw. From this procedure, a strong bond forms an anchor for your teeth. There is no slippage or other movement from it. You can also eat normally and smile like you’ve never smiled before!

dental implants
dental xray and dental mold

Implant over Denture

There are some tragic situations where patients have lost all of their maxillary (upper) teeth and mandibular (lower) teeth. Dentures work correctly for many people with this condition, however, it may not resolve all the problems adequately for some patients.

If dentures, which can sometimes be loose-fitting and move too freely in the mouth, are not the best solution for the patient, dental implants should be considered.

Our staff at MD Smile will consider all of the treatment options available to the patient.

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