| Composite Bonding
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Composite Bonding

MD Smile Center offers cosmetic dentistry services to our patients. Composite Dentistry, a cosmetic dental offering, is where our dentist uses tooth-colored composites to repair any number of issues with decayed or damaged teeth.

Composite Bonding, as it is also known, resolves several serious dental issues:

  • Closes spaces between teeth
  • Repairs decayed teeth
  • Repairs chipped or cracked teeth
  • Changes shape of deformed or misshapen teeth
  • Protects the portion of the root of the tooth that is exposed due to gum recession
  • Makes teeth look longer
  • Improves appearance of discolored teeth


Direct Composite Bonding Process

Our cosmetic dentist use tooth-colored composites, which are white or natural-looking materials, to fill cavities, close gaps between teeth and to repairs cracks or chips in the tooth.

The dentist applies the composite materials directly to the tooth by sculpting it to the surfaces of the tooth which are seen when you smile. These composite veneers, or bondings, are an ideal and much less costly solution for people withe cosmetic dental issues.

Additionally, composites are minimally invasive. They do not require molds or temporaries and can be completed in just one appointment. These “smile makeovers” are a popular and inexpensive way to resolve so many cosmetic dental issues.

MD Smile Center will set up a consultation with you to see if composite bonding is the best solution for your dental needs.